This is an obscure Chinese-Canadian-American show by WaterMELTon Studios. Popular show is true in China.


"Television series with strong sense for playing !! Amusing Duck lay egg is true. As the duck advancing, flicking the plumage and yawning the mouth go with music and light. Sometimes the duck stop, it swaying tail as the duck lay egg as open it's buttocks, go with the duck call."

TRANSLATION INTO PROPER ENGLISH: ????? Amusing Duck really lays eggs. As the duck moves, it flicks its tail and opens its mouth in sync with music and lights. Sometimes it stops and sways its tail as it lays eggs and quacks.

This show airs on Sprout in the US, TVO Kids in Canada, and CBeebies in the UK just like Nixels since nobody likes it there. But, it is the most popular show in China.


Every episode title ends with "is true !!", save for episode 6 because, well, it's episode SIX!!!

1. Lay Egg Is True !! - Amusing Duck lays eggs.

2. Melt Mega Bloks Is True !! - Amusing Duck decides to melt some Mega Bloks by laying fiery eggs.

3. Cook Dinner Is True !! - Amusing Duck lays eggs for an old lady who works at a diner and needs to make omelets, but she's fresh out of eggs.

4. Murder people is True!!!!!1- Amusing duck avenges his father by taking over China.

5. WORLD OMINATION IS TRUE!!!!1- Amusing duck nukes the world.

6. Lay Egg is False ?? - Amusing Duck begins to lay uranium bombs instead of eggs, confusing all of China. He then begins to sing "SIX SIX SIX SIX SIX! CHOMLY GOT SIX! CHOMLY GOT SIX!" instead of his usual song. In the end, it is revealed that Amusing Duck was just nuking Scorpi, so he had his ripoff, "Comical Mallard," take over.

7. Nuke Bad Legos Is True !!! - Amusing Duck lays nuclear eggs to nuke LEGO Friends, LEGO Shrek, LEGO Tentro: For Adults, LEGO Froughzin, and LEGO Teen Titans Go!


It's popular only in China. Everywhere else, it has been given negative reception like crazy. rated it a -73.9 and IMDB rated it a -100.


  • Of course, it has translation errors all over the place.
  • It is the sequel to the short-lived web show, The Amusing Duck's show.