The Black Knight is one of the 9 knights of The Order of No Quarter and a manifestation of one of Ra Thor's personality traits, representing his darkest and most evil self.

The Black Knight is considered a jerk. He is consistently cruel and rude to his fellow Knights, and he cares not for their safety. He is a relentless fighter who will continue pummeling his enemy until he is sure they're dead. He constantly contradicts the decisions made by King Knight but will still follow any orders given to him. However, he shows no respect towards the other Knights and will not hesitate to attack his own teammates if it gets them to stop anything that they're doing that bothers him. He is also very persistent and never gives up on anything until the very end.



The Black Knight wears pure obsidian armor with red highlights. He is usually seen carrying a shovel.


  • The only reason he joined the Order was because he is a manifestation of Ra Thor's evil personality trait, therefore leading him to consider Ra Thor as his master.
  • His shovel is indestructible.
  • He never argues with Ra Thor.