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This wiki is about burning LEGO's and other toys. This wiki is intended to be fun not dangerous. Do not ever play with fire and Nuclear sites. This wiki must be taken seriously or there will be consenquences. I occasionally hold spam parties on chat every weekend. But if any excessive explicit language is used it may result in a 1 Week chat Ban.

This wiki is a joke. Don't take it seriously.

Burn down for what!?
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Do not play with fire without approval with your doctor. Common side affects include DEATH!

Burn Mega Bloks, LEGO is bad to burn.


Please do not spam, please do not make useless comments, if useless comments are made it will result in a 3 Hour Block and your comment will be removed.. No vandalizing, or sockpuppets, we have had one sock already. Socks will result in an infinite block. If I catch you Badge Farming, that is a week block. If you spam on article comments multiple times or use language, that will also result in a week block.

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