Dadaw History is a place where you can learn about the time and the history.


Before the count

10000000000000000000000000 - The world got created.

999999999999999998 - The dinosaurs ate everyone.

10009000000 - The dinosaurs were killed.

11111 - Scorpi's father is born

After the count

1 - The humans start to count the years.

100 - The humans find an unknown object.

  • Coming soon*

2013 - Mixels series 1-3 are born.

2014 - Mixels series 4 are born and Scorpi turns evil.

2068 - Ultdawiac Empire takes over the world.

2069 - Chuck Norris wakes up.


2070 - Alien Invasion

2071 - Chuck Norris joins the Ultdawiac Empire.

2072 - Chuck Norris and Ultdaiac finish the alien invasion.

2073 - Ultdawiac Empire take over other dimensions.

2074 - Deminsions Clash starts.

2075 - There is a fight in other deminsions.

2076 - Ultdawiac Empire gets more control on other deminsions.

2077 - Dragons bots has been created

2078 - Evil dragons bots has been created

2079 - The dragons bots has been melted by Ultdawiac and Schtickman.

  • coming soon*

33333333333333333399999999999 - The world restarted.

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