Firedaugher Family is a family that lives in Elless . It consists of 5 members - Nikay , Poorard , Anaare , Gumsquare and Darlose . It appears in every episode of The Boring World of Gumsquare.


The members of the family are: 

  • Gumsquare ; the tall and fat grumpy yeellow cat. He hates fun and playing with friends. He loves to melt and nuke things. He hates his brother Darlose and sister Anaare . He is hating a lot a girl named Cent.
  • Darlose ; short and thin purple fish.  He hates everything that is bootyful and his family. He uses bad words like poop and likes to melt and nuke. 
  • Anaare ; fat, tall and stupid black rabbit. She is taller than Gumsquare which annoys him but she doesn't care and nukes his bedroom. She is dumb she don't even know what 2 + 2 is. She melted her parents like 313123124234124324213123 times in the show.
  • Nikay ; fat and short calm and lazy yeellow cat. She is mother of Gumsquare and Anaare. She is really calm, when Anaare nuked her face she just smilled. She is really lazy, she only likes to lie on the bed and watch Pukemons
  • Poorard ; thin and tall, likes to work and is very intelligent black rabbit. He is the only one going to the work and making mucks for his family. He hates sleeping coz it is waste of time to him. He hates nuking and grounded Darlose, Gumsquare and Anaare for doing it for like 12313241234621456153416546135645 years. 


Every episode of The Boring World of Gumsquare