The one who likes like he's pooping

Flain is an Infernites MIXEL who only hates LEGO QUATRO, PRIMO, and TENTRO. Sadly, he couldn't melt PRIMO because it will stay forever. Even at 2022, it will still be there.

Flain also hates Dr. Telemaker with a burning passion because Dr. Telemaker hates Mixels. Flain once rode on Meltus then snapped Dr. Telemakers neck.

Stuff that he melts

  • Leftover discontinued LEGO sets
  • LEGO QUATRO (Because it's for babies)
  • LEGO PRIMO (Because it's For newborn people)
  • LEGO TENTRO (The theme for adults in their 1054's. Not the character)
  • LEGO Teen Titans Go! (because it is pointless)
  • LEGO Shrek (because of All-Star)
  • Any LEGO Franchise that sucks
  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Dr. Telemaker
  • Bootlegged legos (brick, lele, lebq, chinese symbol, etc)