The Frosti-Troopers are a variant of the ZECT-Troopers based on the Frosticons.


  • Main Suit: Ice Blue (8787FF)
  • Armor: Blue
  • Eyes/Visor: Cyan


Former Users


  • Heating system (to keep the wearer warm in cold/sub-zero tempuratures)
  • Cooling system (to keep the wearer cool in warm/hot tempuratures)
  • Durable armor plating


Flurr type

  • Ice Wings (can also be used as a shield)
  • Ice Whip

Slumbo type

  • Ice Gauntlets (used to either deal a significant amount of damage to enemies or lift heavy objects)

Lunk type

  • Ice Nailgun (the nails can deal a significant amount of damage to enemies and can pierce through metal)

Krog type

  • Ice Chakram (can slice through metal)

Chilbo type

  • Ice Claws (can be used to build tunnels and tear through metal)

Snoof type

  • Ice Swords (the swords can combine into either a dual-bladed sword or a bigger sword)
  • Ice Blades (hockey blades; used to traverse icy surfaces at high speed)


  • Like the name implies, they are based on (and probably modeled after) the ZECT-Troopers from the 2006-2007 tokusatsu TV show Kamen Rider Kabuto, but with additional helmets modeled after each Frosticon.
  • The helmets are different depending on which Frosticon is wearing the armor, but if a non-Frosticon character (i.e. Bubsy, Sonic, or another Mixel with a different tribe) is wearing it, the helmet is just gonna be a ZECT-Trooper helmet colored to match the suit and armor's colors.
  • Sometimes they come in swarms, other times they come in groups.