I can't believe that nobody minded THIS!

Izaylin is an evil Mixel thet hated by Scorpi and everyone, but the onlyone who like here is LuqmanulhakimTheGreat2003, she killed by Ultdawiac Empire.

Now matter what you do, she will kiss you on the lips or the cheek. She could also come back to life and turn into twisted Izaylin. This can frustrate people very much in chat. She is also invincible. If Chuck Norris fights Izaylin, Izaylin wins. If you write Izaylin's name in the Death Note, Izaylin will survive. If satan attacks Izaylin, Izaylin survives. If Izaylin dies, Izaylin survives. If Izaylin kills herself, Izaylin survives.

When she DID die, she was replaced with Balloon Boy from Five Nights At Freddy's 2.

Izaylin was responsible for freezing Nuker Rush and calling it her own home "Freeze Rush" But then she got turned into a virus and started invading. Wikia Contributors need to expand dong this article. When Ender was taking Izaylin's physical form and sending it to the Yokai Dimension so the Yokai could destroy it, Luq asked why. She explained with VERY good reasons and IMPORTANT explanations, Luq just interrupted her and yelled "THIS IS MEAN Y DU U HATE IZA SHE'S THE BEST USER EVER" and Ender just used the Force to make him go away.


Luqman & Izaylin combining to create an evil mastermind.