Triggerwarning TRIGGER WARNING!

LEGO Tentro: For Adults (rated 18+) is a succesful LEGO Dadaw line for Adults. It is sold in the food section of Walmart. The sets are pre built and can't be taken apart. They are packaged in plastic bags. Every set is $5.


Huge Jackman
Extra Large
Justin Bieber`s Ding Dong
Female Flurr FleshLight (For Pervert Mixels Fans Too!)
Scorpi Fun (it can melt you)
Gay Action (for men)
Vibrating Scorpi Fun (exclusive only in Toys R Us)
THE SHIP! (the size of an entire boat)
Tentro (it does not look like tentro the mixel)
Female Flain FleshLight (for those pervert mixel fans)
Kindra Ewing's Fetish Funtime
Mature Iza Content
Lesbian Action (for women)
Flurr and Zorch Vore


  • They're unrelated to Tentro, the Mixel.
  • Kids can't buy these because they're incredibly innapropiate.
  • The owner of Dadaw LEGO have nothing to do with that line.