Meltus when cooking chicken for his Infernite brothers.

Lay egg is true
— Meltus ad

Meltus is an expert Mixel at melting LEGO. Sure, he is shy and all, but he is the cause of discontinuation because he melts themes that he doesn't like.(Galidor, Castle (2013), Monster Fighters, Alien Conquest, BONKLE and Zero Craptory are some of the better known themes that he ended). He had a cameo appearance in World's End Video Game.


Obejcts thet he melt

  • Chickens
  • Flowers
  • LEGO themes
  • Mega Blocks
  • Amusing ducks
  • Yee
  • Dr. Telemaker


  • His new form looks like the chickens from LEGO Universe.
    • His new form created after 1,000,000 years from the year that he was created(year 2014).
    • He is a chicken in his new form because the chickens are the evolution of the T-rex.
  • He have flowers pocket to make his fire.
  • He burned Dr. Telemakers house
  • He killed Enraged
  • He was hired by Masked P to melt the untamed dinosaurs in Jurassic World.