Propeller Knight is one of the 9 knights of The Order of No Quarter and a manifestation of one of Ra Thor's personality traits, representing his ego.

Propeller Knight is a fast-talking braggart who always has a one-liner prepared for any situation. He has an annoyingly large ego, believing him to be the strongest there is. He likes to fly around with his Heli-Helmet, and is constantly bragging how he has one and the others don't. This has caused some tension between his fellow knights, but he has since toned down his jerk attitude. He is also French.



Propeller Knight is rather tall, and he wears a green coat and olive-green pants. He also has a golden helmet and tassels, and carries a rapier. He wears a fully-functional propeller on his helmet, which also has two grippers for him to hang on to while flying. He also has black boots with white tips as well.