One day the Ultdawiac Empire and The Order of No Quarter teamed up and founded this group. Their leaders are Dadaw and Ra Thor/Theslowking11.

Layout of fortress

Skull Fortress

The Cabal's Fortress

  • Floor 1
    • Main Hall: This is the throne room where Ra Thor and Dadaw's thrones are.
    • Dining Room: This is where the food is eaten.
    • Kitchen: This is where the food is made.
    • Melting Chamber: This is where Dadaw and Ra Thor melt things.
  • Floor 2
    • Factory: This is where the army's stuff is built, including Nuke Cannons and Fighter Jets.
    • Communication Chamber: This is where all messages are recieved and analyzed



  • The Cabal used to be called The Order of Ultdawiac until Ra Thor complained about his name not being in the title.