The LEGO Movie IV: A New Brick is a movie made by Dadaw Studios to be released on July 45, 2040. It takes place in the Star Wars Universe after Star Wars episode 20 and the Womp Rat Spin off movie.


Emmet and Unikitty are on a space cruiser. It is attacked. And they go on an adventure.


  • Emmet
  • Unikitty
  • Flain
  • Volectro (Nixel)
  • Tahu
  • Han Solo's grandson
  • Darth Darthsalot
  • Womp rat
  • Ultron
  • Benny
  • Ghost Metalbeard
  • Iron Woman
  • Iron Boy
  • Raintroopers (Water stormtroopers)
  • Jeyko
  • King Mathias
  • Evil Knight
  • Mr.Mister
  • Ghima Moon inhabitants
  • Star Wars Minor characters


  • Kramm
  • Orbitons
  • Space Nixel
  • Duplo Spiderman
  • Veson
  • Fenrakk
  • Ta-Matoran eaten by Fenrakk
  • Adorabeezle mauled by a Kikalano
  • Poop
  • Jack Justice
  • Man killed by the man who killed the man who killed Benney
  • Mr. Bimble

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