The Ultdawiac Empire was created by Ultdawiac to control on the world in the year 2068. He killed the Avengers and the Justice League to create it. The Ultdawiac Empire are now the controllers of this world. Cheesenadia is at war with them, but the empire melted Cheesenadia, and now there is no Antarctica. They are ruling over the world with The Order of No Quarter

Ultdawiac Empire castle

The castle and the army


Everyone thinks the Ultdawiac Empire's castle roof is easy to break, but now you cant melt it, or explode, or break it. On the castle there is a big army that's ready to go out.


  • Floor 1:
    • Room 1: Training room: There the army train.
    • Room 2: Entry: There you enter to the castle.
    • Room 3: Ra Thor's factory: There Ra Thor build his robot army.
  • Floor 2:
    • Room 1: Melting: There all the enemies are being melted.
    • Room 2: Monster creationary: There Ra Thor create monsters to sell to Melxar
    • Room 3: Treasure room: There are all the things of the Avengers, Mixvengers, Mixels League, and the Justice League equipment in this room.
  • Floor 3:
    • Room 1: Death Bungy: From there you jump to room 1 in Floor 2.
    • Room 2: Nothing is there.
    • Room 3: Nothing is there.
  • Floor 4: Empire King Chair: There Ultdawiac sits.
  • Floor 5: There Ultdawiac speak to his people.

From Company To Empire

At the start everyone knew that the Dadaw Company could grow and take control over our world. Izaylin started a war with Dadaw what make he to Mix with Ultron and Brainiac and beacome Ultdawiac, he start to destroy her and he take control on this world, now everything is under Ultdawiac Empire control.


The empire was in 4 wars, after this wars, no one not open wars with them, LuqmanulhakimTheGreat2003 open the 3 wars because his obeses woth Izaylin and Aquana, in the 3rd war the empire created, after this Scratch starts to invade, but Ultdawiac stop this invasion.

What They Do?

What Ultdawiac Do There

  • Melt
  • Create
  • Destroy
  • Burn
  • Create Nuclear Explosion
  • Win in every war
  • Kill
  • Teleport
  • Remove Scratch
  • Fight alone
  • Do cyber control
  • Do mind control
  • Shrink things


Things that they melt when 1=1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000(well they are a lot of members)


Number of nuclear explosion that made up by them when 1=1,000,000,000,000,000,000