There are no strings on me. Shall I remember you as my first enemy?
— Ultron

Ultron? Dadaw Company knows everything nothing about Ultron.



Ultron kill the Avengers, and Batman, he is one of bad good guy in Marvel. He got killed by his own mechine, Vision,but dont worry, Dadaw recreate him and destroy Vision and take Visions's powers to make Ultron stronger more. In the year 90000 he built Jinky as a general for the Ultdawiac Empire Army




  • Actualy he got Mixed for ever with Dadaw, but he dont know a lot about Ultron, all of Ultron memories has been deeleted.
  • Ultron has an evil fake that's named Robo No Hack Guy. Robo No Hack Guy is hackable despite his name having "No Hack" in it. Ultron proceeds to enjoy hacking him and making him do the chicken dance.
  • Ultron didn't appear in World's End Video Game, but can be unlocked by 400,000 studs in the free roam.
  • Ultron is an unlockable character in Marvel Arena.