Yoshi's Bootleg Island is a game about Yoshi melted get bootleg toys by throwing eggs that are on fire. This game was made by Melxar.


Same as Yoshi's Island.


Birdo gets kidnapped by bootleg toys, and Yoshi saves her him.


Birdo is saved by Yoshi, but Birdo reveals that she is male (This is da truth), and Yoshi freaks out.


Normal Enemies

  • Mega Bloks (Despite this game being about melting bootlegs)
  • Knockoff-Guys
  • Kookas
  • True Eggs
  • W.I.P.

Strong Enemies

  • Amusing Duck Babies
  • Warfare Puppetry Dolls
  • Lele Angels
  • Creative Varieties
  • W.I.P.


  • Bootleg Bowser Plush
  • Goomba With Weird Eyebrows
  • Queen Boo
  • Amusing Duck
  • Sanduuy Cheaps
  • The Dance Person
  • Run Quickly Sheep
  • Weaky Bulky

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